About Us

We Take Charge of Your Electrical Safety

Inter-City Electric came into existence in 1987. It stemmed from a vision and goal of the owner, Scott Graham. He believed that electricity must be understood by those who deal with it every day. Accidents happen when it is not understood.

Our focus for each project is to offer protection to people and their property from electrical hazards. This objective has been furthered with extensive electrical training from Professor Ted James, the best in southern California.

Why Us

Having worked in the electrical industry for over three decades, we have understood that electricity needs to be managed, controlled, and directed responsibly.

When corners are cut, a low bidder gets the job, or unqualified personnel are performing the installation, there is a heightened risk of

  • Electric shock from metal appliances

  • Energized plumbing piping and fixtures

  • Loose wiring connections resulting with meltdown and/or explosion

  • Ceiling paddle fans flying across the room

With our certified and licensed technicians, we ensure full protection to you, your family, and property and ensure none of these happen. Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians deal directly with customers and ensure their electrical requirements are well taken care of.

Guiding Principles

  • Individual attention to customers

  • Ensuring their happiness and satisfaction

  • Offering quality and honest services 

  • Goal to make every customer have a great experience with our extensive knowledge of the industry

Inter-City Electric