About Us

Inter-City Electric was formed in 1987 from a vision 

and a goal.


After extensive electrical training from the best in

southern California, Professor Ted James, our focus was

to strive to protect people and property from the

hazards associated with electricity.


Electricity needs to be managed, controlled, and directed

in a responsible manner.

We have observed first hand what can happen when

corners are cut, low bidder gets the job or unqualified

personnel are performing the installation:


Electric shock from metal appliances.

Energised plumbing piping and fixtures.

Loose wiring connections resulting with meltdown

and/or explosion.

Ceiling paddle fans flying across the room.


This list is extensive.

Hiring a licensed electrical contractor with the proper

training who has been in business for years does not

mean you will be getting the low bidder.

It means they have established themselves with a

client base that has put their trust and confidence in

them to perform the installation correctly, complying

with electrical codes and to ensure all safety practices.


Electricity must be understood by those who deal with

it every day.


When it is not understood,

accidents happen.



                      Thank-you Professor James.